Thursday, February 12, 2009

O Happy Day!!

Hey everyone!! Just so ya'll know this is Ladd that has taken over the blogging. Laurie has been quite busy with school(maybe a little procrastinating) and everyone keeps mentioning that she hasn't updated her blog in forever so I thought I would help her out. So all you girls be nice to me if it looks and sound teriable. I just did the baby one I guess I should have done this one first, oops. We had a wonderful wedding, almost everything was perfect. If you ask me it was perfect, but if you ask Laurie the ribbon on the cake was the wrong color so we almost had to do a "do over wedding", just kidding.

Those of you who know Laurie, know that she isn't much for elaborating on her thoughts and feeling so i will go ahead and tell you what she is thinking in each picture.

In the picture to the right she is thinking,"O crap, did i leave the curling-iron on at grandmas." The picture on the top, her thoughts are,"O no, what did i get myself into, maybe if I smile the biggest smile my masseter muscle will let me, no one will know what i am thinking". Just kidding, she is the most amazing person I have ever met and I love her so much!!

Its girl! Can't you tell? Look how well she photos graphs already!! We went to the doctor and got our first glimpse of our baby girl. She's got us worried already though, she was moving all over the place and thrashing around. i guess that means she is going to be like her father, never holding still and never running out of energy.

The whole experience was exciting and actually very spiritual. Just being able to make out the shape of that tiny little body was amazing. I guess you could say we witnessed a miracle. We feel so blessed that God has blessed us and trusted us with one of his little spirits to raise and care for. (Any advice or help, preferably help, is welcomed:) We know she takes after her grandpa Hallows already, in atleast one aspect: using her toes for everything, including scratching her head.(left) We caught her in the act, as he foot approached her head.