Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well it has surely been awhile and I do have a lot I should blog about but unfortunately no pictures. (That's probably why I haven't been blogging) Anyways just to sum everything up: Ladd and I have moved to Washington DC for the summer for Ladd's work and it has been quite the adventure. It is really fun to be away with just him and me and only have each other to rely on for anything--it really has made us a stronger couple. On the other hand three weeks ago I moved back home to have the baby and I should have taken every body's advice to not get my hopes up to have the baby early because I definitely did get my hopes up and was hoping that I would have had the baby by now and be back to Ladd. My three older sisters have had all their babies 1-3 weeks early so I was thinking I would be one of them on the three weeks side. But I should not complain because my sister just barely had her baby and she was a week past her due date so I should just sit tight and be patient because I still have 2 1/2 weeks left to go. I do feel somewhat bad for myself because I am so far away from my husband and it has already been 3 weeks since I have seen him last and I miss him a whole lot. It has been nice though to spend some time with my family. There has been a few eventful things that have happened while I have been here. My great sisters threw me a baby shower and it turned out really good. Thanks everybody who came! My sister Melissa just had a baby girl on Saturday and she is really cute. They named her Jaeley. I have been able to work on our new apartment in Cedar City trying to get it ready for when we come home for the summer. There are a few other projects I wouldn't mind getting done before the baby comes but I am having a hard time getting motivation and energy to do any of them so maybe I will get them done. Anyways, that's basically all that has been going on. My life is uneventful right now but I have a feeling that really soon some things will happen that will be life changing so I should probably enjoy the slow life while I can!