Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crazy Hair and Fun Pics

Ladd and I got bored one day and so we decided to do something fun with Bostyn's Hair.  We were able to put in into a little mohock!  It was fun and we got some fun pics of her too.

Big Cousin Ava!

This is Bostyn's big cousin Ava Moffett.  Ava LOVES Bostyn!  It is so cute!  Ava is always so excited to see Bostyn and is always wanting to hold her and help her get her binky in even if she doesn't want it:)  It is so funny becasue there are four other babies that she could love but for some reason Bostyn is her favorite.  My sister (Ava's mom) told me that when she was on Santa's lap she asked for Baby Bostyn for Christmas, and my sister said, you have Baby Colt (Ava's baby brother) and Ava said no, I want Baby Bostyn:)  I just had to laugh at that, I though it was so cute. I will have to admit that even though Ava loves Bostyn so much that sometimes she hurts her on accident, I think it is so cute that she is always trying to look out for her.

This is Bostyn and Colt

This is Grandpa Anderson holding Bostyn

Cedar Breaks

On November 7, Ladd and I went with a couple of our friends up to Cedar Breaks.  We just had an empty Saturday and wanted to get out and do something so this is what we chose.  It was pretty warm down in Cedar City and I thought it would be chilly enough for a light jacket up to Cedar Breaks.  When we got there I was sure wrong about only needing a light jacket!  It was really cold!  Luckily, I brougth Bostyn's beenie and gloves but nothing more than a sweater so we had to wrap Bostyn up in Ladd's jacket.  We had a little snuggie that she was held in and she stayed pretty warm with Ladd.

The sights were so pretty!

This is Adam and Lisa

Me, Ladd and Bostyn (in Ladd's Jacket)

We went on a little hike through on some paths and this is a view that we stopped to look at for a while.

As you can see I brought a very light jacket!!!  You live you learn right?

4 Months!

On November 2, 2009, Bostyn turned four months!  She is so much fun.  She is smiling and giggling more and she is such a joy to be around.  I can't believe how fast she is growing, it just makes me sad but it is such a joy to see her doing new and fun things as well.

My Little Cook!

So again I have to say that I am a lucky wife because I have a husband who likes to cook!  Not only does he like to cook but he likes to create as well, which is not always a good thing:)  He can create really yummy things and sometimes his creations don't work out to well, but it gives him a great learning experience.

This is a sald he made that was really good!  He was so impressed with it, he made me take a picture.  He is all about looks, "If it looks good to eat, then it will be good to eat," is what he always says. He is always trying to garnish his meals so they look "pretty."
Ladd I think you are a fantastic cook and I don't think you should ever stop!

Just a close up of his salad.  (It was so yummy!)

Sleepy Girl

(In November)

Sometimes Bostyn just will not give in to sleep so we just give in to letting her fall asleep in the swing.  We try not to make it a habbit so she won't need it in order to fall asleep but sometimes there is nothing more you can do.

Little Feet

I just can't believe how small they are!  Bostyn is the most precious baby to Ladd and I and we are so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed us with something so sweet and small.

Let's See How Many We Can Put in There!

(This is in Octobor)
Bostyn was going through a phase where she loved to try and put all of her fingers in her mouth!  It was so funny.  This is also when she started to droll quite a bit.  We are always having to put bibs on her to stop her from getting her clothes sopping wet from drool.

Bostyn started to play with her binky more than she sucked on it.  She will always be putting it in upside down or sucking on the back of it.  It's pretty cute.  It's not very fun when you are trying to put her to sleep and she keeps pulling it out to play with it though!

This is Daddy and Bostyn

This is Mommy and Bostyn

At Grandma's and Grandpa's House

We always have a good time in Salina, we love going being able to see family and relax from the stresses of normal life.  Grandma and Grandpa Hallows take good care of us when we visit!

Grandma and Grandpa Hallows and Bostyn

This is Ladd just enjoying being home.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ever year during the deer hunt in October, Ladd's family goes camping regardless if they have a tag to hunt or not so we went with them.  It was Bostyn's first camping trip and it was short and fun!

Bostyn riding the little fourwheeler

Right now Ladd and I don't have the funds to buy all of the camping stuff you need to go camping with like, a trailer, cooking stuff, etc, so we mooch off of Ladd's parents Teddy and Valerie for everything.  Thanks Teddy and Valerie!

The family just sitting around the fire.

This is Hayes and Bostyn.  Grandma Hallows brought home some beenies for them from their trip they had just gotten home from.  Bostyn's was a little bit to big so we were always folding it up for her.

Ladd feeding Bostyn in the trailer.  He is so good to take his part in parenting!

Mom and Bostyn enjoying the fresh air of the mountains.