Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am finally caught up with my blog!  Usually, if I get behind I wouldn't even bother trying to catch up and just start again, but I have decided this is going to be a family journal since I don't scrap book or anything like that so I have forced myself to keep a good blog so we can have some family history.  Anyways,  I caught up clear from November and now hopefully I can stay caught up.  The only problem is, is that my internet at my house is to slow to blog so I have to wait till I get somewhere where I can do it, but oh well, all that matters is that I finally caught up!

I love you Bostyn!

I love Bostyn so much!  I don't ever know what life would be like with out her and I don't ever want to think about it.  She is so special to me and as brought more joy to me than I could ever imagine.  I didn't know love could be this strong and I am so thankful that I get to be a mother to Bostyn.  I just feel so blessed with what I have in my life and the people in it!

Cute hat

I just love this hat!  Bostyn got this hat from Grandma Hallows and I think it is just so stinkin cute!  Thanks Grandma Hallows!

Why even buy them?

Sometimes Bostyn will like to play for a long time with just the simplest things.  Why is it that they always play with the non-toys?  Bostyn usually chooses something to play with that isn't really a toy.  I don't know?

Squeaky Clean

I just had to post these cause I thought she was so cute just getting out of the tub!

Upside down

Bostyn sometimes puts her binky in upside down.  It's so funny because she doesn't even notice or mind and she will suck on it for awhile like that.

Baby Mozart

Bostyn was being fussy one day while I was playing the piano, (one of my goals for the year was to play the piano more often) so I let her get up to the piano and play herself.  She didn't really know what to do but she thought it was cool.  Who knows, maybe she will be a professional?

6 months

January 3, 2010
These are Bostyn't Six month Pictures.  She turned six months on January 2, 2010. As you can tell, I took these myself...agian, too cheap to go get professionals done.  She is such a doll, I love her to pieces!  She laughs, she cries, she smiles, she plays and loves it when we play with her. She jabbers like crazy.  She only say da da da da da, but I always am trying to get her to say ma ma.  She jabbers other things too but da da da is her main one.  She is not sleeping through the night anymore:(  Ever since we got home from Christmas she doesn't sleep through the night.  It really saddens me.  She is still only is the 5% for her weight, but the 50% for her heigth so she is just like her dad.  I love you Bostyn!