Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sight Seeing!!!

Alright, so we finally got out and did some sight seeing which I am very happy we did becuase all of this stuff was amazing!  It was a very pleasant Sunday afternoon and aside from the humidity, the day was very nice and not too hot.  There weren't many people around also, so that was good too.
Obviously this is the Lincoln Memorial.  I couldn't belive how big everthing was.  The builing, the pillars and Lincoln were all just so huge!  This was my favorite memorial.
Here is the Washington Monument and the water pool thing (I don't know what they really call it) and I thought this was really neat.
Here is the Korean War Memorial.  This was a different one--they had a lot of statues of men in grass trying to replicate how it really was and their facial expressions looked so real and it helped you to understand what they might have been going through.  This is me standing at a wall where they have pictures engraven into it.  It was pretty neat as well.
This is the Vietnam War Memorial.  This one had a huge black wall that had 58,000 names on it of all the people that died or was missing from the war.  After seeing that and being there makes you have a little more respect and appreciation for what those men and women did.
This is also a Vietnam War Memorial of the Women who served in the War.
This is at the World War II Memorial.  This one was fun--it had a water fountain and a pool where you could wade your feet in the water and it was a nice one where you could just relax.
Who ever said the Washington Monument was huge was wrong!:)

Here is Bostyn.  She was pretty good util the end.
This is also at the World War II Memorial
Ladd and Bostyn.  I thought the one where she is looking over his shoulder is so cute!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where it Began

Yesterday, one year ago Ladd proposed to me in the Rocky Mountains on our way home from Texas. I guess I should tell the story because I didn't last year. Ladd flew me out to Texas so I could drive home with him back to Utah. We stopped in Denver to stay at my sisters house for the night and then we took off again for the long drive home through the Rockies. Ladd and I had wanted to stop at a couple of places to see a bit of the Rockies just for fun so we came by Frisco and there is a big lake that we wanted to see. We stopped and took a little stroll on a walking path around the lake and we stopped at a bench to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. He started picking me some flowers and has he was giving them to me he got down on one knee, opening a box with a gorgeous ring in it and asked me to marry him. I was speechless and I just hugged him--and then I said yes! I had a perma-grin on my face the rest of the way home:) I can't believe we are coming up on our one year anniversary! It seems that time has just flown by! I mean jees, we already have a baby girl! It's crazy to me that we have only known each other for just under 2 years because it feels like I have known him all my life! I love Ladd Hallows so much and I am so glad he proposed to me. I guess I should say happy engagement anniversary Ladd:) I Love you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Bostyn is Growing!!!

Well here are some more pictures of our beautiful baby Bostyn. Not much is going on around here. Bostyn and I just hang out at the house for most for most of the time while Ladd works all day. We are just waiting to go home.

Here is Ladd and Bostyn...she really loves to snuggle right up to you.

I just think this picture is so cute of her sleeping. I love her profile.

This picture was taken when she was one month old!

Here again just snuggled right up.

Tummy Time:)

She is growing. Her wrinkled skin is now filled with chub.

Such big eyes!

Again witht the big eyes.

Just chillen on the couch.