Friday, July 1, 2011

Hallows Baby #2

For those of you that haven't heard, we are expecting a new little addition to our family on December 7, 2011.  I am really excited for this one and the pregnancy is going by really fast which is good.  I didn't go through much sickness this time which I am very grateful for but I have been more tired for sure!  I also have two sisters and a sister in law expecting around the time I am and so far we have found out two of the four are going to be boys!  I want another little girl but we will see what it is at the end of July.  That seems far away.  I am getting really anxious to find out.  Anyway, that is the news!


This is our month of June and then I will finally be all caught up with my blogging!

Bostyn loves water.  She loves to swim, she loves to shower and she loves to take a bath.  As you can see, she likes to drink it too!

This is Sunday.  Church goes right over Bostyn's nap so she is pretty tired after church.  This week she fell asleep at dinner on daddy's lap.

My sister Andrea and her boys stopped to visit on their way to their new home in McAllen, TX.  Bostyn Loved having them here.  She doesn't get very many play mates being the only little one here with our summer group.  The boys had fun too I hope!

Uncle Brad and Jake

Everyone roughing with uncle Brad

I can't believe I didn't strip her for this popsicle.  The only thing I can think of is that she must have been extremely dirty anyway:)

Dallas Aquarium 
Bostyn really likes animals and she was fascinated by every single animal there was at this place!  In this picture below, there was a little bird down the hall that she didn't dare get close to.

The cool thing about this place was that a lot of the animals were wide open cages.  It was fun to get close to the animals.

Cute and ugly.  Cute because it was a baby monkey, but ugly because it was the ugliest baby monkey I have ever seen!

Huge Sea turtle!

She really does like her hat:)

USA Allen Celebration

Allen had their big fourth of July celebration two Saturday's ago.  (I don't know why they just don't do it on the fourth?)  It was fun.  Most of the wives were able to go but it was mostly kid oriented so I bet the wives were really bored! I on the other hand was in line the whole time with Bostyn to get into the bounce houses.

We waited at least twenty minutes for this one and she didn't even leave the opening of it.  She just watched all the kids bounce around.  I will admit that she is a little small for it.  She would not have been able to jump with those other kids any way but it was annoying that we waited all that time for nothing!

We went to a different one and she really liked it!  It was just right for her until it came to a wall she had to climb so the adult helper and to get her over every time.  We did this one three times!

All the wives that came!
L-R: Heidi, Hillary, Adria, Laurie, Nicki, Elise and Chelsea.
We have awesome fun wives this year!

They had a great firework show to end the night with.  We had to leave a bit early to make it to dinner though with the guys!  We were still able to see the finale though and it was awesome!!!

Swimming!  Bostyn doesn't like her green floaty tube that she can sit in.  She likes to be out and about swimming around (of course with the help of her mom and dad) so I got her arm floaties and she LOVES them!  It is so cute to see her swimming by herself.  She loves the independence of it all too!  The first time with them, I was with her and she hardly wanted any help but the second time it was with Ladd and she wanted to be held most of the time.  I don't know why the sudden change but she still liked  them and I think they are fun.

She thinks she is so funny when she throws my shoes in the pool.  She can be very naughty sometimes!

Mmmm.  She liked helping mom make brownies:)

This is Bostyn's choice pose at this stage in her life.  

Bowling with the wives.  It was great fun!

The same pose again


This was Bostyn's first encounter with corn on the cob.  She loved it and it was so cute watching her eat it!

She sure does know how to cheese for the camera!  She LOVES popsicles, but what kid doesn't?  I have to strip her down every time I give her one because for some reason she can't eat it faster than the sun.

Our first office BBQ.  It was May and it was not too hot...oh what I would give to go back to that temperature!  We were at a quiet little part and after eating the guys played a fun game of kick ball on a softball field.  

Ladd...need I say more?


My brother Brad being Brad.  He always does this kind of stuff.  He is climbing up a huge light post.

Cute little Bostyn

This was the night we went to find fireflies.  It was fun but we only saw a few.  Bostyn thought they were really neat!

 Fun pictures of Bostyn

I think it is so cute when Bostyn plays with her baby.  In these pictures she is teaching her baby how to ride her was really cute!

Bostyn really likes her Magna-doodle.  She is really into circles.  She gets better and better everyday.  I really should put some of her drawings on here.  Her pictures are coved in them.  It is quite funny.  Maybe she will move onto something else sometime soon?

I found this awesome park one day and saw that it had a huge play ground and a splash pad!  I took Bostyn there the next day but she did not want to get into the water.  Oh well.

Stock Yards with the Wives.  It was a very hot day and we complained about it the whole time.  We are all sitting down to eat in this pic.  We made sure we sat by the water misters.

Adria and Bostyn

Bostyn is a guzzle gut!  She could sip on a yummy drink forever if you let her!

I can't tell if she really actually likes lemons.  She always wants them but then she looks as if she is in pain the whole time she is eating them!  Silly girl.

She did not like this clown but she really wanted a balloon.  It was funny.

If you can't tell what it is, it's a puppy on a leash.

We went to a gift shop at the stock yards and she found this hat that she loved!  I really don't give her everything she wants but I figured this could be her one souvenir from Dallas.  Plus I thought it was cute.

This is where the rodeo is held.  Bostyn loved the rodeo the whole entire time!!! She would get mad at all the horses and animals when they would leave the arena.  

This is at the same park as the splash pad.  She really just likes the playground and the swings:)

They had cute little ducklings at their pond so we fed them bread and animal crackers.