Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cruising to the Bahamas and Mexico

 Ladd and I just got back from an amazing trip to the mexican bahamas on a cruise!  It was nice to get away and relax before the summer of sales begins. I have a ton of pictures on here so I will just explain the trip as the pictures go on.

Ladd bought a brand new paddle off of an Asian came with a case and everything.  Well his best competition are people from platinum so he just had to take his paddle on our trip and he definitely got to play plenty. 
First our trip started with a day in Florida.  This is where they did their manager trainings.

Jared and Ladd playing ping pong and the Florida office

This is us on our way to the cruise ship...Wahoo!

These next ten pictures are us being silly and bored while waiting to get into our state rooms on the cruise ship.  

We finally got going and it took us over two hours to get out of Tampa Bay.  We are going under the Tampa Bay bridge in this pic.  It was really cool because the ship clears the bridge by just 6 ft!

This is us at dinner.

Lane, Ladd, Beamer, and Brady 
They all just came down the water slide. The water is freezing and there was no way I was going down it!

Formal night in the dining room

Us getting off the ship onto a boat to take us to Grand Caymen

We are at Grand Caymen on a boat taking us to Rum Beach Island.  It was a pretty fun beach.  I just wish we had more time on this day.  A bummer that happened this day was that they closed down Sting Ray City which was one of the things we were going to do.  

This was the fun group we hung out with at Grand Caymen
L-R: Brady and Josie, Bridger and Courtney, Beamer and Kim, Ladd and Laurie, and Nikki and Lane

Lane, Beamer and Ladd

 They played beach volleyball and Ladd got stuck on a team with all strange people.  It was really funny.

We are now in Cozemel Mexico at this point.  It was a nice day and the water was so pretty and clear.

Us and Beamer and Kim

Us, Lane and Nikki, and Beamer and Kim

You've gotta love the hat!

This is on our way to see the Mayan ruins and Tulum

This is Tulum.  It was really cool to see all the ancient ruins!

The Beach was beautiful at Tulum

Ladd played in the Cruise ping pong tournament and he won!

Then Ladd and Lane played in the Platinum Protection Tournament and they won too!

To end the fun vacation, the last day while we were burning time before we had to go to the airport, we got dropped off at Downtown Disney...A perfect ending to a perfect vacation.  Thanks Platinum for the free vacation!