Friday, January 28, 2011

Life is Good.

Well I really don't know what to blog about, but I did say I would blog at least twice a month so I have to blog something.  These are just some pics we have taken during the month.  Nothing that eventful has happened so I will just talk.  Things are pretty easy going at the Hallows house and I like that.  We have some fun, sometimes we get bored, sometimes we like to relax, sometimes it is super sonic cleaning mode.  Life is good, and we have been blessed.  Oh yeah, that reminds me.  We talked last week in Church and it turned out pretty good.  We talked on goals and priorities using the gospel.  It helped us learn quite a bit and we are glad it is over.  

As you can see in this first picture, Mother Goose is on the TV.  Bostyn loves Mother Goose.  Every day after breakfast, she will go point to the TV and jabber something and when I go to grab the remote she gets so excited and sits in her pink chair she got for Christmas.  She gets so happy to watch it.  She would watch it three times a day if I let her. (Sometimes I do).  Also, you can see that in this picture she is squinting.  She now knows what taking pictures is all about so when she wants to be a little rascal she squints or does some other funny face thing so we never can get a good picture.  Sometimes she will smile good if we say 'cheese'.

Ladd loves his baby girl.  He loves to play with her, he loves to get her out of the crib after naps because she is so happy to see whoever goes through her door to get her.  He loves how she talks and runs and laughs.  However, she can make Daddy very angry sometimes too:)

With Ladd, he is not up to much other than working and wanting to golf all the time and not being able to.  Life is fun with Ladd and I love to have him around so much!

Isn't she beautiful?

Bostyn knows how to show us her muscles.  It is so funny how she does it because she gets this big grin on her face and then she tenses up so much while trying to flex her arms!  

She knows all her facial parts.  She is showing us her teeth right now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The New Year and a New Me

The New Year has come with some New Resolutions!  First and foremost, I would like to tell everybody that I am going to be blogging at least twice a month.  Honestly this really is not something I enjoy doing and I feel like it takes some time, however I feel that it is important to keep this going because I don't journal too much and I feel like I am writing myself a family history.  So there is one of my New Year's Resolutions.
This Past year of 2010 has been a very good one.  We have done a lot of fun things and lived life.  Some of the major points of 2010 was that we bought a house in Enoch UT!  It is so fun and nice to have a home that we can call ours and do whatever we want with it.  However, there are some downfalls to owning your own home...all our utilities put together cost almost as much as our rent did where we lived before!  (Ok that is a little exaggerated but its expensive) that really is my only complaint because I absolutely love having a home with space!
Another really major thing from 2010 is that from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010, I was able to lose about 50 pounds!  Some might say that I am bragging, but whoever has had struggles with weight and weight loss can say with me that 50 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment!  I definitely can not say that I look fantastic but I feel great and I am so much happier with life and myself.  I would like to lose 15-20 pounds more and its is going to be extremely hard and it might take another full year!
Ladd graduated with his Bachelor's in 2010 from SUU and he and I are very excited!  He is now managing for Platinum and is very busy with that so it is a good thing that he is done with school.

Some things that are going on right now:
I'm am a stay at home mom who is finishing school online with only one class.  Sometimes I forget about it because it is only one class that I never have to go to.  It feels like I am basically done and am starting my next phase in life.  At first I was not sad at all about being done with school but lately I have been a little sad because I don't really get out much and all my time consist of cleaning the house and making meals.  My days feel a little empty but somehow I can't find time to blog, or start on any of the projects I really want to do like PICTURES--not scrap booking but creating a photo book with journal doing it digitally.  Anyway, I am at the beginning stages of developing a good daily routine and trying to decide how things are going to go in my life.  Maybe my days feel empty because I am not accountable for anything right now.  I don't have to be anywhere or have things done by a certain day.  This is not very good for me because it really makes it hard for me to get going every morning.  I have the hardest time waking up!  I feel so guilty about it too because I feel like I am not appreciating life and my days go by so fast!  Anyway, I am very happy but I for sure have some faults and need improving every day!
Bostyn is 18 months and she is getting to be such a cute little girl and so much fun!  She is starting to talk a little bit but she thinks she can have a full blown conversation with you because she will just jabber and talk as if she knows sentences.  It is really cute.  She has found the value of writing utensils.  She likes pens and she likes to draw on herself.  She is starting to eat better and that makes me so happy.    She is a very happy little girl and loves life.  I will be blogging more about our family (at least twice a month) and I have decided it is going to be more that a Bostyn blog.  I found that I was just blogging about Bostyn before but I am going to try to incorporate a few more thoughts and events and milestones in our (Ladd, Laurie Bostyn) lives.  I just hope this is one of new years resolutions I can keep.