Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Trip to Denver

Me and my family, excluding a few, and Ladd all went to Denver to see Tyler get blessed. It was really fun to see Andrea and her family. One of the things we did was going to the Zoo. It was Ladd's first time at the Zoo so it was pretty exciting. We saw some interesting things at the Zoo and learned quite a bit about some animals. Here are some pictures of the Zoo. There would be more but I wasn't able to get them to go on the blog.

This is the Three of us that rode in the back of the care for the long trip to Denver. We played a few games like the name game and we also got bored enough to bug mom while she was trying to sleep. It was pretty funny.

It took us forever to try to get a picture with one of the peacocks. We just kept running around so we could get close to it. We finally got a descent one!

This is us and the giraffe. As you can see it was really sunny outside but it was quite cold too. It was still really fun.

We all were having a great time climbing and riding on the animals. ha ha teasing. It's fake!:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Roomates and Me

I have decided to create me a blog so the family can see what I am up to here at Snow College. I hope you all enjoy looking at this!

These are a couple of my bestest friends! L-R: Annie, Me, Alyssa. We have a lot of fun together and we do some crazy things.......
This is one of the crazy things we have done. We got carried away with the camera and did a bunch of poses while in the air. It was actually quite hard to get the timing right with our jumping and the camera.

Here again we got camera crazy with the ice sickles that were outside our window. They were so cold. It hurt our hand to hold them because they were so cold.
This is me and Ladd. (as you can see my bangs were getting quite long, hence the covering of eyes.) Me and Ladd have a ton of fun together. I don't have my pictures of me and him but when I get them I will put them on so you can see the fun things we do together!