Saturday, August 20, 2011


I know I need to post more than once a month but at least I get the job done, right?
Here is everything that happened in July and photos that I just took just because.

Bostyn playing with pop-its.  She couldn't throw them hard enough for them to snap so she just had to step on them and she loved every one!

Bostyn turned 2 on July 2, 2011.
As soon as she woke up we opened a few presents because Daddy had to get to work:(

She got three fish but only one is still alive.  She really likes her fish.

Then she got this doll play thing that is a crib with a sink and high chair on each side.  She thought this was so much fun for her doll!

While all the guys were at work I threw a little Birthday Party at the pool for Bostyn with all the wives.  It turned out to be really fun!  Thanks girls for all who came!

Carla and Bosytn

Camille, Hillary and Nikki

Kim, Bostyn, Carla and Adria

All the wives that got in the pool
Carla, Camille, Hillary, Nikki, Adria, Bostyn and Laurie

Bostyn and Her cake

She thought this was so fun and she loved blowing out the candle.  After lighting her candle, anytime she sees fire she yells Happy Birthday!

Kim, Hillary, Camille, Nikki, Adri & Bostyn, Chelsea and Carla

This was the night of her Birthday and we went to go see fireworks.  The weekend of the 4th of July there were fireworks all weekend long!  I was trying to take a cute picture of her but she would not cooperate at all!

She is trying to show me how old she is but just cant get it right:)

Fireworks in Frisco

She found a couple of friends to play with but when I looked over there she was just sitting in the grass and I didn't know what she was doing.  She sat there for a while before I figured out she wasn't able to get up.  She was sitting in a yucky swampy area in the grass so we had a bit of a mess to clean up and she smelled bad for the rest of the night.  Poor Bostyn.  She still had a lot of fun though.

When Ladd got home from work we finished opening some presents and played for a little while before it was time for bed.

We did the candle again for Bostyn for Ladd to see:)

 4th of July
This is the actual 4th of July and we went to Mckinney to watch a parade.  It was pretty lame but it gave us something to do for a bit:)

Carla, Bostyn and Sarah

The guys got half the day off so we did something fun and it was bowling.  Brad came with us as well.  I beat both of them both games!!!  Ok, me and Ladd tied the first game but I would have won if he didn't mess me up my very last turn!

Bostyn cheered us all on.

Weekend at Adria's House!
All the wives went to Adria's house one weekend to get away from our apartments and it was so much fun! She had a fun pool we all just lounged in and we ate food Adria's mom made for us.  Thanks for letting us play at your house Adria!

My sister Andrea was able to stop by on her way through back to Denver.  It was really fun to see Her and the Boys and Bostyn sure loved having the company as well.  Brad was the Man of the whole time. All the kids just love Brad as you can see!

Trip to Beaver
Bostyn and I were able to go Beaver for a week and it was so much fun!  We went for the 24th of July which in Beaver is just about the biggest celebration there is.  I haven't been home for the 24th since 2007 and it was nice to be there this year with most of my family.

Bostyn on the airplane.  She thought it was pretty neat.

Jaeley and Bostyn out on Grandpa's farm. 
These two gathered eggs from the chicken coop but only one egg survived.

Bostyn with the sheep

Bunny Rabbits

Raggetty Ann!  Bwhaha.  

Bostyn and Grandpa Anderson

Jaeley Climbing the fence and trying to see out of all that hair over her eyes.  

Bostyn with the cows

It was so fun going home because Bostyn could actually play outside with out getting heat stroke!  The weather was fantastic in Utah and it made me want to stay forever!

This is just Bostyn playing like little girls should play!

Hanging out on the porch enjoying each other's company!
Grandma Anderson, Bostyn, Kate, Jaeley and Grandpa Anderson


Fun fire for the kids.  Bostyn kept saying Happy Birthday!

24th of July!
This is the day we were all waiting for.  This was such a fun day and it all started with a fun parade.
My mom and dad were in it because he is in the Stake Presidency.

Bostyn and Jaeley wating for some floats with the candy!

Later that evening I was able to go to a class reunion and see a bunch of good friends.  Then I came back home to enjoy a good BBQ and a game of croquet.  I lost miserably.

That was the last of it.  I had to come back to Texas to finish out the summer with my Hubby.  I don't hate Texas, I just LOVE Utah where my home is.

Walls of Clay
Some of the wives went to this place in Mckinnney called Walls of Clay.  You get to pick out a piece soemthing that you want to paint like a bowl, plate, or Bostyn did a piggy bank.  I wasn't too sure about going cause I thought it would be a disaster taking a two year old to a place where everything was breakable!  It actually turned out being really fun for me and for Bostyn.  She was all hands on and wanted to do this all by herself.  I helped a little but for the most part she did it herself.  It turned out way cute but I don't have an after picture…sorry.

Adria, Me and Bostyn

I am sweating because this place did not have AC and I was dying!

Kim, Adria, Me, and Chelsea