Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Pictures

These are just some fun pics of Bostyn when she was eight months old.    Bostyn finally started jumping in the jumper a little bit.  She started learning how to say hi at this time as well.

Bostyn loves green beans and peas.  She likes the green stuff more than any other food! 

8 months!

So this is in March and Bostyn turned 8 months.  She is starting this head tilitng thing which is funny and she goes crazy in her high chair.  She jumps up and down in her high chair and makes the table move quite a bit.  She is as fun as ever.  Still no teeth but she did start crawling at 8 1/2 months old.  I was not there to watch her first crawling steps.  Ladd was there and I wasn't.  I was at the preschool for school.  I was sad that I didn't get to see it but oh well I guess.  What can you do right?  Hopefully I will get to see her first step at least. 

Cruisin the Bahamas

So in February Ladd and I went on a cruise on Platinum Protection to the Bahamas.  It was very nice and very fun.  It was nice to get away from school and spend some time together just the two of us.  We went for 5 days.  It was the perfect amount of time...not too long not too short.  Melissa my sister took care of Bostyn which was very nice of her. 

This is us at dinner on the cruise boat.

As you can see this was Grand Turk.  This was our first stop.  We spent this one as our beach day becasue we didn't have much time for anythign else.

These are cruise ships.  They are huge!!! Ours was the one on the right.  It was the carnival.

This is Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville.

Ladd playing ping pong on the ship with some friends.

This was a beautiful sunset.  We were supposed to have three stops but we were only able to have two becasue of bad whether.  This was that day.  You can't really tell from the picture but the swells were pretty big.

We went to the famous resort Atlantis.  I can't remember the islands name but this resort was very nice and very fun.  We went on many water slides and went down a very long lazy river.  It was fun and we had a good time.  We got an extremely good deal from some islanders.  I'm pretty sure they got it for us illegally because they couldn't give us the tickets at the resort.  They drove us away a few blocks where they could give them to us and where we could pay them.  Ha ha it was pretty funny.

cute is all I can say

The only thing I can say about this is that this is the cutest baby there is.  I'm a little worried for the rest of my kids cause I don't think Ladd and I can top this!  Ok, I'll stop bragging...for now.

Gotta Love the French Fries

I love these pictures.  Bostyn kept begging us to give her some french fries.  We really hadn't given her much solid foods other than the baby food that she usually eats so I was a little hesitant to give her some but I decided it wouldn't hurt.  Well, she did like them and she looked really funny eating them too but as you can see she really didn't care what she looked like. 

I know I have already posted pictures of her playing the piano but she isn't in her bumbo this makes her look more professional don't you think?

Painted Toes


So I deciced to have some fun with Bostyn and paint her toes and fingers.  She liked it.  It wasn't too hard...she liked to watch and was wondering the whole time what I was doing.  Bostyn just turned seven months in February.  She is not doing anything new...just sitting up but she is as happy as can be.