Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok, so I know I haven't kept up to my goal of posting twice a month, but I will try to do better from now on.  Lots has happened in the past month or so.  To start, our Saturn died.  I was sad because it was my first car and it was mine and Ladd's first car as a married couple.  Ladd was not sad.  He was a little happy to see it go.  He only had bad things to say about it.  But when we really left it, his sentimental part of him came out and admitted he was a little bit sad.  What happened was the engine blew out while on the freeway,  we don't know how but it was a little too costly for us to want to fix the old car so we spent more money and went and got a new one.  Makes sense right?  It doesn't to me.  However, I like our new is a Hyundai Sonata and I think we got a pretty good price for it.  But being out here for about of month has put about 10 years onto it the way these boys treat the vehicles!  Ladd gets to drive everyday for work so he has a car full of boys every day in and out of it.  The next thing: We have moved to Dallas for the summer for Ladd's job.  Preseason was very stressful and hectic and we were glad to get it over with and to be here for the summer.  The summer however is maybe less hectic but it is still stressful!  We have a small group of guys but it will be a good summer:)  Ladd is doing great so far and is liking managing to the best that he can.  I really like Dallas so far.  The weather has been very mild and not hot!  I like it a lot!  I know it won't last forever and I am bracing myself for the 100 degree heat or higher.  I'm not the one who should be worried though.  It's the boys that have to be outside all day:(  The area we live in has about every shopping and restaurant you can think of within 5 minutes.  However, the apartments we live in are the least nicest we have had since being in the job.  I said least nicest because they are still nice, just a little older. 

Bostyn has gone through a couple of changes.  When we moved out here, she transferred from a crib to a big girl twin bed.  She really liked it and sleeps just the same.  She has also gone through a sleeping schedule change.  I don't think she really likes this change so much though.  She doesn't really go to bed till 10:00 or later most nights.  I feel bad but sometimes I like to keep her up so she can see her Dad when he comes home, sometimes I would like to put her to bed earlier but that time interferes with getting dinner ready and other things done before Ladd gets home.  She definitely does not have a set bed time but I am going to try to get her to bed earlier.  She is much happier and healthier that way too.

Bostyn is very busy and fun and naughty and loud and sweet and cute at this stage in her life! She is talking and says new things everyday.  She likes to do things herself but is not afraid to ask for help if she needs it.  She has started to sing her own songs, which is so funny to listen too.  She loves to take care of her baby, she loves to draw...not color, she likes to be outside, she like to help and be in the way whenever I am trying to do something productive, therefore, I don't do a lot of productive things:)  She still loves Mother Goose.  She loves me to sing to her several songs, such as, Herman the Worm man, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Popcorn Popping, Little Fish, Bumblebee and several's cute and exhausting.  She will do most of the actions to them and sometimes try to sing along:)  She loves hugs and kisses, she likes to be held, she likes to be noticed all day long, she says Hi to EVERYBODY!  One thing that drives me CRAZY about this little girl of mine is that she is in a screaming phase.  Whenever I do not want her to scream the most, like in a grocery store or other public places, she just screams the whole time and it is a blood curdling, high pitch Banchie scream.  I never know what to do in these situations because I hate trying to stop her by some act because it is embarrassing and causes a scene, but it is also very embarrassing to be the mom who just lets her child scream at the store, plus it honestly hurts peoples ears!  Shopping of any kind is not fun with her!  Anyway, she is a character, and has definitely entered terrible two's early.  I still love her and she can be very cute and sweet at times but sometimes she makes it hard to realize the joy of being a mother:)  (was that not a horrible thing to say?)

Nothing is really going on with me.  I am finished with school!  I finished my last class a few weeks ago and now I am done forever.  I am not sad, but it does make me feel a little old.  I am just trying to be a supportive wife of a salesman and am trying to be a good mom:)  I have already met fun new wives that have turned into great friendships!   It's fun and I am happy:)