Friday, June 11, 2010


So we made it to Houston TX.  It was a long drive but we made it.  Bostyn did as well as a 10 month old could have done.  Whenever she fussed or cried, singing usually calmed her down, so there was a lot of singing.  I'm surprised Ladd and I weren't hoarse by the time we got here.  Anyway, Ladd started being gone all day so Bostyn and I went to the pool.  Considering how warm it is here, Bostyn really enjoyed the cool water in the pool. 

Working Hard
This is Ladd working before work.  This job takes a lot of hard mental work.  He is listening to sales stuff.  When he comes home he says he can't think anymore because his brain is exhausted.  Poor guy.

Ok so we didn't have a crib or pack n play for Bostyn for the first couple of weeks we were here.  We had her sleeping on a couple of blankets on the floor.  At first she actually slept really well and didn't move around much.  Then she figured out that she was free to roam anywhere in her room.  She would go around playing with the spring door stoppers (We had the room baby-proofed so no worries), and anything else she could find.  I had to go in two or three times to put her back down before she would finally go to sleep.  One time she would not go to sleep so we just shut the door and let her roam for awhile.  I noticed from the monitor it was really quiet and I knew there was no way she laid on her blankets to go to sleep so Ladd and I went to see.  We looked under the door crack just in case she was in front of the door and she was.  She laying with her head right in between her legs. It was really funny.  Of course we didn't leave her like that--we put her on her blankets and covered her up.  We thought maybe it was a good time to get a pack-n-play for her.  In the meantime though if you look a couple more picutures down, she did it again!  So then I felt bad a got her a bed really soon after that.  But even in her bed she would fall asleep like that so whatever gets her to sleep right?  Doesn't seem comfortable but if your that flexible why not?

I think she likes strawberries!
Bostyn is so particular sometimes.  Sometimes I will cut the strawberries for her and she won't eat them but if I give them to her whole, she chows down.  Same with bananas--she won't eat them in pieces, but if I give her a big long piece then she will eat it.  I hope this pickiness doesn't last long!

Sunday Afternoon
These are just pictures of Ladd and Bostyn.  We went down by the pool on a Sunday afternoon but it was right after Houston had a big storm so the pool was pretty dirty and a little cold so we just waded our feet in it.  Bostyn thought it was fun to kick her legs in the water.
So Bostyn for some reason can't leave her hair alone when she is eating.  She likes to pull on it.  Her hands get really sticky with the food that she is eating and then she will pull on her hair.  It gets her hair all sticky and dirty.  This really gets annoying when she does this right after her bath!  Well, what can you do?  Just smile and take a picture I guess:)

Grandpa Hallows

Grandpa Hallows passed away May 23, 2010.  Ladd, Bostyn and I were able to go home and be with family for the funeral.  This may sound kind of wierd but I actually like funerals.  I like them becasue it is a time when families are able to get together not just for another reunion or party but for a time that we can REALLY be together and enjoy each other and bond in such a spiritual way.  I always feel the spirit so strong when I am at a funeral and it just reminds me what life reallly is about.  Grandpa Hallows was such a good man and even though I only knew him for a short time, I am very thankful for him and his influence he had on his family.  Ladd and I were very thankful we were able to join our family for this event.

Scandinavian Days
My family goes to Scandinavian Days every year becasue the Anderson Family (all my extended family) does the Famous Sanpete BBQ Turkey booth there.  The Line is usually the longest line at the whole festival and the booth is very busy all the time.  We actually ran out of food a lot earlier than usual this year.  It was really fun this year becasue all of my family was there except a couple of brother-in-laws and I was able to take Ladd and Bostyn for the first time.  We went to the parade and looked around the booths and ate free BBQ turkey and picadilly's.  After we were done we were able to go to the cemetary and pay our respects to my grandparents and other reletives in Ephraim and Manti.  It was fun to go to Scandinavian Days with my famiiy becasue I haven't been the past couple of times and probably won't for many future times becasue of Ladd's Job so it was good to be with family.

These are all the grandkids in my immediate family.  There are twelve of them now and none on the way.  We are getting to be a pretty big family now but it is alot of fun.  Grandma Howell in in the midst of all of them. 

Bostyn was pretty tired after being in the sun all day and not having any good naps.

This is the new look she is giving.  It is like a squinting thing.  She was doing this to Melissa cause Melissa was teasing her.  It's a pretty funny look.  Ladd taught her how to squint.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

April Fun

I dressed Bostyn up in some bunny ears.  She was my practice run for the preschool activity I was in charge of.  I think they turned out pretty cute:)  We spent Easter weekend with the Hallows this year.  We went on an Easter Picnic on Saturday and rolled Easter Eggs.  I experienced my first Easter egg rolling.  Ok, I didn't actually roll any eggs but I watched everybody else roll easter eggs.  I have never understood what the purpose was of rolling Easter eggs.  I have learned that there is no purpose to rolling eggs--it's just for fun.  I guess that is what happens when you marry take on new traditions.  Its fun getting to take on new traditions and to have some differences in the families.   

Ladd's Birthday

Ladd just turned 24 on April 16, 2010.  He has such a personality...after looking at the pictures I think you would agree.  He keeps me laughing and smiling all the time. Happy Birthday Ladd!!!

Growing up
Bostyn is getting strong enough to stand up.  She didn't stand up by herself, I put her up but she was able to hold the stand for a little while. 

 This is around the time she started crawling.  She was crawling towards me in this picture.

Stink Bug

She started this little stink bug crawl in April.  Sometimes she would just get in this position and just look underneeth herself.  Then she would start crawling like this.  I think it is becasue she didn't like her knees on the floor all the time.  I don't blame her.  I guess I should put pants on her more often?

Scowls and Dirty Looks
Bostyn is learning how to figure her face how she wants it to go.  She started this scowl one day and we thought it was really funny.  She learned that it maked people laugh so she did it all the time.  A lot of times she would give it to me when I went to get her up from bed.  It was really silly.  It lasted for about three weeks.  She would do it to strangers most often.  She must have liked the reaction she got from them:)

More fun pics.

The Flood
We had our first flood in April a few days before we were leaving to Houston.  It was a mess but the story behind it is really sad.  It all happened sometime in the early morning.  We were sleeping and Ladd woke up sometime early in the morning to the monitor making what he thought was a staticky sound.  He disregarded it and turned the monitor all the way down so he couldn't hear it anymore.  I never heard anything and slept through the whole thing.  Well all of the sudden around six in the morning, Ladd jumps out of bed and rushes downstairs.  I was still practically asleep and was just thinking he was going to the bathroom or something but then I hear him yell, "Laurie wake up!  The downstairs flooded and Bostyn is all wet!  I hurry and get up in a frantic and he hands me Bostyn and she is just as cold as can be and shivering and doesn't even know what is going on.  This picture of her is pretty soon after we got her upstairs.  Anyway, what turned out to be, was the montior's supposidely staticky sound wasn't static, it was the water bursting from the hose to the washer!  When Ladd woke up around six, he realized to himself that it was the sound of water spraying and not static.  Ladd has no idea what time that was at in the morning so it could have been hours!  In fact it was probably hours because there was a few inches of water on the floor even though there is a drain in the middle of the floor. The hose that broke sprayed water directly over Bostyn's crib where she was sleeping.  So she was getting the most of it the whole time!  When Ladd went down to get her she was on her belly holding the blankets over her head just whimpering.  She looked up at him with such a sad look on her face not knowing what was going on.  Anyway, we hurry and put some warm clothes on her to get her warm.  I would have put her in a warm bath but the water hose that broke was the hot water so the hot water was complely out.  Luckily, the hot water didn't burn Bostyn!
How it happened was, our Landlords were there the week before fixing our pipes to the bathtub becasue it was plugged.  They had to move the washer and dryer to do this.  When they put it back they didn't put it where we had it.  They had the hose stretched more than it should have been.  We didn't realize this or else we would have moved it back.  We already have it totally rigged like hics anyway and they were precisely put where they had to be considering leaks and everything else.  We had to move just about everything upstairs, take the carpet out and it was just a big mess!  I never want to have a flood again.  Luckily it didn't ruin anything but it was hard to clean up and it was right before we were trying to pack up and leave.  Oh well, it all got cleaned up, Bostyn was fine, and everything is back in order.


This was the hose that broke
This Garbabe can is full to the brim of water