Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Never Knew

I never knew I would love this baby so much. She is such a joy to me and Ladd. It honestly feels like a piece of heaven has come into our home. We love her so much and she is such a fun and good baby. Sorry Grandmas that I haven't put up pictures enough but here are some and I hope you like them. She is growing and I just want her to stay small but it is good I guess that she is growing. She definitly keeps us from getting as much sleep as we want but she wakes up the good amount so I shouldn't complain. Ladd was surely happy that we came home. He was getting pretty lonely and I don't blame him. My days are definitley not as boring now that I have a baby to take care while trying to catch up on some sleep. We are happy to be back with dad again.

These pictures just make me laugh. She gets really fuzzy hair right after she gets out of the bath.

We went to Palisade and boy was it hot! The heat pretty much zapped her. She slept all day long.

I just think it is so cute when she is wrapped up so tight into a little bundle.

I have turned our dresser into her new changing station. She Likes to look in the Mirror whenever I am changing her.

This her lovely bed. Isn't she cute! She fits just perfect in there. We got this box from Kim (my sister in law) it works great out here in DC because we don't have enough room to take anything else home with us so it works just great! Thanks Kim.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My baby Bostyn has finally come! She was born on July 2, 2009. She was 6lbs 9oz and 181/2 inches long. She is so beautiful. The labor went really well. There was a little bit of a scare but it turned out being just fine. Every time I contracted, her heart rate would go down really low so they had to give me some medicine to make me stop contracting so she could get a little break and it worked so they put me on pitosin to get me contracting again and everything went well after that. Labor was just as hard as everyone says it is only I think it was a little bit harder. I am an extra wimp so it was really hard for me. I will tell the story of how my day went. It all started when I woke up at 6:00 in the morning having to pee really bad only my underwear was already wet so it confused me a little bit. I still had to pee really bad so I didn't think I peed my pants but then again being pregnant you never know what your body might do to you. I thought that maybe my water broke but I didn't know, so I just assumed maybe I peed a little so I changed and went back to bed. Then an hour later I started feeling pains and then I figured that it was my water that broke and I was going into labor. So I got into the shower and got ready and everything then went downstairs to tell my mom and call Ladd to tell him to get a plane ticket and come home. He was very excited to hear that! So I waited a little bit longer before I headed to Cedar City with my mom until the contractions got a little worse. On the way over to Cedar City they started to hurt really bad and I thought for sure I was dilated to a three or a four but when I got there they told me I was only dilated to a 1+--not even a two yet!!! That was very discouraging because if it was that painful already then I was in for a ride. Luckily since my water broke they didn't make me go home and wait a little longer. So I was admitted into the hospital around noon and had Bostyn Kathryn Hallows at 11:56 that night. Sadly my husband was not there to join me and was there the next night but it all turned out alright. Thankfully I had my sister Holly and my mom with me and thank you both so much for all you help!!! Out of the whole labor experience I would definitely say that the pushing was the very hardest. I was exhausted by that time and I didn't think I had the strength to finish, but my sister and my mom helped me out a lot to get me through. Anyways, that's my story and here are some pics of baby Bostyn.

(The Pics are backwards in order so from bottom up is how they really go.)