Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just an Update

Well, blogging hasn't been my thing anymore which is obvious because of the lack of blogging but I have decided that blogging really is a good way to journal, so I have guilted myself to start blogging and jotting a few things down every now and again. Hopefully I will stay caught up a little better. I don't ever have any pictures anymore because my camera, sadly, is broken at the time, therefore I don't take any pictures. Just an update of what is going on...I am nearly 24 weeks pregnant and I already feel like my belly will pop at any moment! Ladd has started selling again so we are finally earning an income again:) yeah! Ladd and I are almost done with this semester of school and I am happy to say that I am actually enjoying school a lot. I have changed my degree again, once and for all to Family and Consumer Science/ Early Childhood Development. If things go as planned I should be done and graduated in May of 2010. Ladd on the other hand, still has at least three more semesters of his Bachelors and then he goes on to his Masters. (Keep up the great work babe!) Right now Ladd and I are on spring break enjoying the sunny weather of Mesa Arizona. He is working hard selling, while I am chillin' out at the hotel trying to catch up on homework. (so much for spring break huh?) However, we are still having a great time spending it with each other. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell about how I was able to go to Denver a couple of weeks ago with three of my sisters and my mom to visit my other sister in Denver. Our initial reason for going was to go to "Time Out for Women" sponsored by Deseret Books. It was really great and we all had a fun time together! We were able to find out some fun news while we were there also... 2 more of my sisters are pregnant! Andrea is due in September, and Emily is due in October, and then of course Melissa is due in June and myself in July. That makes four of us pregnant! Anyways, nothing else that I can think of is going on right now. Until next time, Peace.