Monday, July 19, 2010

Bostyn's first year of milestones

So, I am going to copy many other people who do this becasue I thougth it was a cute Idea.  Just to recap Bostyn's first year, here are some milestones and things she loves and likes to do.  Also, after that I have put a picture of Bostyn each month until one year old!  I just want to say that I am so happy Ladd and I were blessed with such a wonderful baby girl!  I still can't believe somtimes that she is really mine and we will have her forever!  I love you Bostyn so much!
  • 5 1/2 mo.  Rolled over for the first time
  • 6 mo.  Sat up for the first time
  • 8 1/2 mo. Crawled
  • 10 mo.  First Tooth
  • 11 mo.  Pulled her self up to stand
  • Walking---still pending

This is what Bostyn is up to for the first year of her life.

  • Scared of Vacuum and hides wherever she can to make sure it doesn't find her.
  • Likes to play peek-a-boo with her own hands
  • Loves to yell...LOUD
  • Tells you she is done eating by throwing her food.  And throws it even if she isn't done eating!
  • Loves to talk and jabber
  • Loves electronics (ipod, ipad, phones, tv, cords)  And loves to throw them (the small electronics)
  • Loves to watch the toilet flush.  She races to the toilet to try to get a look at it flushing.  We have to make sure the toilet seat is always closed or else she will play in it.
  • Loves to get into the fridge
  • Loves to 'help' mom with Laundry
  • Loves to watch Mom and Dad shower....not together of course. 
  • Loves to be chased and tickled
  • Loves to try to drink from a cup but is not successful
  • She know when she is doing something bad because when I catch her doing something she is not supposed to be doing, she tries to run and hide.
  • Loves to be read to and to turn the pages herself.
  • Loves to read to herself.  It is so fun watching her talk to her books and pretend like she knows what they say.
  • Is starting to get picky with food
  • Has 3 top teeth and only one bottom tooth...wierd, I know.
  • Grinds her teeth, which makes me cringe each time she does.
  • Waves when anyone goes to the door or anytime we go out the door.
  • She can eat with a fork for some things.

    Day she was born
    1 month
2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months

12 months!

Happy Birthday Bostyn!

Wow!  Bostyn is ONE!!!  Happy Birthday baby girl!  This was Bostyn's Birthday party--just Bostyn, Ladd and me.  We celebrated her birthday that morning before Ladd went to work becasue Bostyn is always asleep by the time he gets home.  First thing in the morning we opened presents, and she liked everything she got.  She opened the doll Grandma Hallows gave her first and really just wanted to play with it the whole time so opening the rest was up to me and Ladd.  She really didn't know what was going on but she liked all the attention from us. Then at lunch we had her birthday cake!  She really didn't like it.  She had a little bit or the frosting as you can see but not much more than that. 

The Pictures with Lincoln Harrison are when we had a joint birthday party for the two of them.  They are less than 2 weeks apart so we thought we should throw them a little party.  Thanks Mariah for having it at your apartment and basically doing everything for it!  (The pictures are in no particular order)


More Fun in Utah!

This is a continuation of our Utah trip back at the end of May.  My family all went down to St. George to go boating at Sand Hollow.  The day before that, my sisters and I went down to have some fun before that.  We all went to the splash pads in St. George where the kids could play in the water and have some fun.  I think this weekend wore bostyn out to the bone.  This was just the start though. 

Here is all the boys,  Emily's family didn't come so its everyone but Emily's kids.
(L-R) Tanner, Jake, Will, Bostyn, Ty, and Tyson.  (Jaeley is sitting behind everyone)

Jaeley and Bostyn having a good time.

Us at the splash pads!

This is the next day when we all went boating.  It was so much fun!  The water was pretty cold and the older I get, the less and less I like cold water.  I didn't even think of getting in but most everyone else did.  Everyone was there but Emily's family and Ladd, Brian and Jeremy.  Even my mom was able to come and ride on the boat!  Bostyn was very tired by the time we even got there because of weird sleeping schedules and missed naps.  She doesn't look very happy in most of these pics.  She thought it was preety fun though to ride at the front of the boat and let the wind get in her face.  She would mimick me when I would yell wahoo...she would do the same.  It was so cute!
Melissa, Jaeley, Laurie, Bostyn.

Bostyn Playing in the sand.  She liked it until it got in her eyes, diaper, ears, and everywhere else it could get.  I decided, things aren't as fun when you have crying babies to take care of--welcome to the rest of my life right?  No, I am excited to have a very big family to chase around and do all these fun things with them!

She stayed pretty happy after I gave her a licorice to chew on...until it was gone!

This was our setup

11 Months Old!
Alright, so I didn't do this so she would look cute.  I did this as an experiment to see if it was even possible.  I wanted to see if her hair would got into pony tails and as you can see they did!  Anyway, this is the day she turned 11 months old!  She is so fun and into everything!

This is Bostyn playing in the Sand Box.  She thougth that was fun.  I had also taken out the elastics of her hair, but the hair stayed the same:)

This is Bosyn and Bo and Grandma Anderson's house

This is Bosyn and Jaeley taking a bath together.  I think they are the cutest little cousins.  They are about 12 days apart.

So we finally got back to Houston where Ladd was and back to normal life of a salesman's wife...
On a Sunday afternoon, we went to a park for a bit.  We found a turtle on the lawn (there was a pond nearby with tons of turtles in it).  I don't think Bostyn even realized it was an animal.  It kept it's head in and didn't move.  Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't have let her touch a wild animal...who knows what germs are on its shell?

We swinged on the swingset, slid on the slide and just had a little fun outside.

Bostyn is fun.  She LOVES to play to the couch.  I usually don't worry about her because she never tries to get off and if she does, she does in a semi smooth way:)  Ladd stuch her down in the cushions.  It was pretty funny.

Just some more fun pics.

Bostyn also LOVES to help mom do laundry.  She also loves to put it on herself.  I don't think she meant to put her head in a sleeve!  It was so funny! She din't know what to do or how to get out of it either.  If you look closely enough, you can see her face through the material.

Ok, so I guess Bostyn loves a lot of things.  Rarely these days, you can't take a shower without her in there watching you and talking (more like yelling) to you the whole time you take a shower.  She gets pretty wet in the process but she could care less.  She just likes to watch.

Bostyn likes to play in this box once in  awhile.  But what it really comes in handy for is a hiding place from the vacuum...this and behind the couch.  Whenever I vacuum she finds a hiding place because she is so scared.  So far I have seen her hide in the box, behind the couch and in the corner of her closet.  It is sort of sad but really cute too!

This is Bostyn's toy space.  She isn't too entertained by her toys but once in while she will go over and play with them.  The one she is chewing on was her very first toy she had and played with.  She still likes to swing it around and put it in her mouth while she crawls around.