Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Home

Normally I would not post pictures of my house, for one I can never seem to get it all clean at once, 2nd, I think it is a little dangerous but that is ok because we are getting a security system, and for another, I never thought about it until my sister told me she wanted to see some pics of it because she has never seen it (she live out of state and probably wont get to see it for a long time).  Just so your are aware, it is pretty bare, I have decided that decorating is definitely a process!  So let me take you on a tour of our home.

This is my house.  Just plain and simple.  Do you like our landscaping?

Master Bedroom looking in

Master bedroom looking out

Guest Bathroom.

Crap room (aka office and platinum room).  No I did not paint this room blue.  It came like this.  I haven't had the motivation or the energy to change it.  But its ok for now I think.

hallway going into the bathroom and all the bedrooms


This is what you see right as you walk into the house

This is what you see going out of the house

The great room, family room, living room....I don't know what to call it?

This is looking into the kitchen from the family room

I know this has nothing to do with my house but I just like these flowers because they are bright and they remind me of spring.  Yes, I have already starting decorating for spring and I know it is only February.  I don't even get to be here for all of spring so I would like to enjoy it in my house a little before I have to leave it!

Laundry room and the other crap room:)  No, my house is never all clean...its just the way I am.

This will lead you to the dungeon:)

The Dungeon.  AKA the P90X hell room!

No, it is actually kind of fun to have this space to workout in.  The owners who were here before left the big carpet and if you look below....

They left these AWESOME shelves!  I'm guessing they were too big to take out of the basement so they had no choice but to leave them!  Good for us though.  My food storage is pretty sparse as you can see.

This is the third crap space of the house.  Or you could call it the storage room.

I bet you can't guess who's room this is?

Sneaky, Sneaky...Shhh she is sleeping!

I just thought I would add some things about Bostyn.  She never proactively plays with her toys unless I go get them for her or unless I am cleaning her room!  I cleaned her room today and within 5 minutes after Ladd vacuumed (yes, Ladd is a good husband and vacuumed for me), her toys were everywhere!  

Well, this is our Home:)  


My blog needs an extreme makeover!!!  I have been messing around a little bit with it but I just don't know how to do the things I want with it.
1.  How do I change fonts and word coloring on my Header and sidebar?
2.  How do I center my header picture?
3.  How do I change my people to be able to see their picture and when they posted last?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I will be better!

So I am ashamed to say that for a while now I have stopped looking at other peoples blogs for a very shameful reason.  I had stopped blogging all together for a while there.  But the reason I stopped looking at other peoples blogs is because of a self pity, jealousy and envious reasons--shameful isn't it?  Sometimes I feel like blogging for people is their right to brag and the reason I thought this is because I was jealous of other peoples life.  Well, for the first time in a long while, I looked at other peoples blogs tonight!  I was nervous to do it because I find myself thinking every time things like, "she is so skinny and I'm not, she is so pretty and I'm not, they do so many fun things and we don't, they have so many nice things and I don't, they are so creative and I'm not, they have such a nice and cute house and I don' you get where I am going and the list goes on.  Ladd said I was not allowed to look at other people's blogs because of the mood it put me in which was wallowing in self pity.  But when I was looking at others' blogs tonight, I was starting to get those feelings again until I came by somebodies blog (I hope she doesn't care if copy but it was inspiring) which basically said nothing really matters but your relationship with God and our Savior and our Family!  It really put me in place when I read it.  I thought to myself that none of those things really do matter.  What I should be worried about are the things that are favorable in my Heavenly Father's eyes.  "Have I done any good in the world today," is what I should be asking myself.  I shouldn't be worried about how skinny I am or what others think of me or if I have the best decorations and the cutest house and so much more.  It is sinful to be envious of other people and their things.  "Thou shalt not Envy"  So now everyone who reads this, I want to say that I am sorry because I have probably envied you in one way or another and would want to ask for forgiveness.  I am no longer going to be looking at blogs while thinking these shameful things.  I am going to be happy for everyone and their accomplishments and whatever they may be doing in their lives.  Blogging is a great thing for people!  Instead of letting other's accomplishments make me envious, I am going to let it be inspiring and motivating to me and it is going to help me be a better person.  So everybody, keep blogging and help me be motivated in my life to do good in every way because nothing matters except the good things:)