Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Grandpa's Funeral

My Grandpa Howell was so much fun.  I remember when I was little he would throw me up in the air, play tick tock with me (hold me by my feet and swing me like a grandfather clock), he would set up the hamick for us and push us on the swings.  I loved by Grandpa Howell.  Unfortuneately he suffered from Alheimers desease for around 10 years which led to his death on October 6, 2009.  These are pictures of the funeral.  He was in the Army and they had a really good and respectful funeral service for him.

Laurie and Bostyn

Ladd Hallows

Who says you can't have a good time at a funeral?

On the same note, my nephew Will (left) was very sad about the whole thing.  He is so tender hearted and loved Grandpa Howell as well.

My Aunt Kerri (left) and my mom Kathy (right)

Ladd and Laurie

Baby Bostyn

This is my Grandma Howell.  It was a relief for her that her husband was able to leave this life becasue it made her sad and it was a too hard of a task to care for him.

Isn't it ironic that the cemetary is right by the temple?  Life doesn't stop at the grave, it is eternal:)

The Whole family together but Rhett and Bradley

Left to Right: Blake Howell, Grandma Howell, Loraine Mitchell, Cynthia Thalman, Kerri Rawlins (top), Kathy Anderson (bottom) Debra K. Mangum, Greg Howell.  These are all the children of Ken and Yvonne Howell.

Sleepy Girl

I couldn't resist to take picutures of her asleep like this.  She was waiting for us to get ready to go for the weekend and I guess she just couldn't wait any longer.  The outfit she is wearing in these pictures is a newborn size and she is around 3 months in this picture.  She is pretty small and petite.  I love her so much.

Picture Day. 3 Months Old

These are Bostyn's Three Month Pictures. (She is older now--I'm being lazy on blogging)  They are not the best quality and I was going to do them professionally but I was talked out of it by some family members because the cost isn't really worth it.  I think for non-professional quality, they turned out pretty good.  Of course I think she is the cutest baby in the whole world but that is because I am biased:)  I lovd you baby Bostyn!!!