Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ladd!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADD!!! Ladd turned 23 three years old on the 16th! I feel like that is old for some reason but I know it's really not. My husband is still very young and I think he will be forever young. He is still bursting with energy and loves life everyday. We had a fun time...I made him "Crunchy Carmel Cookie Cake" (Ice cream cake) his favorite dessert and we were able to invite some of his friends over. I was able to surprise him with P90x, an exercise program and he was pretty excited. He has been wanting it for awhile. I also made a his special request of Cafe Rio Salads that we had for dinner. So we had a great time and I think he was pretty satisfied with his birthday. I'm never good with gifts or celebrations but I commend myself on making my husbands day a happy one. Happy Birthday Ladd.


For the Easter Weekend Holiday, Me and Ladd went with all of my family to Canyon Lands over by Moab to go camping. We all had a great time and went on a few hikes here and there and saw a few sites. The camping was really primitive. We slept in tents, had to live out of coolers, and we didn't have a bathroom so it was pretty much full on camping. Everyone decided that that kind of camping isn't that much fun with kids but me and Ladd had a great time (other than that I had to get up about 3 times a night to go to the bathroom) I guess we enjoyed our last time camping without having to take care of a little one. Even though some of the parents didn't like taking after the dirty kids the whole time, all the children had a great time and they all loved it! The weather was great except the morning we left--it rained and it was very cold. But I really love camping and so does Ladd even if it's a lot of work. Here are just a few pics of the trip.

This is Me and my sister Melissa. She is due one month ahead of me...yes, I know, I look two months ahead of her.

This is Newspaper Rock. It was pretty cool.

Caleb thinking he is strong and trying to push Grandma.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Alright so a couple of weeks ago we went to Mesa Arizona for Spring break for Ladd's work. Here are just a couple of pictures of what we did. We went to a spring training game and that was fun. The heat was hard to get used to coming from cold Cedar City to 90 degree weather. It was hot!
This is in our hotel room. This is probably one of the nicest hotels I have been in. It was the Hilton and we had a good time. Ladd's favorite part about the hotel was the all you can eat, hot breakfast every morning. (Thanks Platinum!) I was having a little fun and I locked Ladd out of the room on the 6 inch balcony for a little while.

On our way home we stopped by at the Grand Canyon. It was really fun because Ladd and I had only been there when we were little so we didn't remember it at all, so it was new to us. It was a site to see! We really enjoyed it and thought it was just amazing. We went with Landon and Sammy (Ladd's cousin) We had a fun time.